Our platforms

Even the brightest ideas need the right incentives, resources and collaborations to make real and lasting change. Our innovative platforms can be used at all levels of engagement, whether customized for a specific geography or deployed across the world. They are co-designed with our collaborators and activated in partnership.

System Intermediary

System Intermediary platforms unlock and facilitate the flow of knowledge, resources and capital broadly across fisheries through strategic alignment and collaboration. The goal is to develop positive incentives that appeal to the self-interest of intermediary members while increasing their capacity to create collective transformation that filters down to the Community level.

Capital Coordination

Our creative approach to finance works to broaden access to capital. We partner with existing funders to understand their investment criteria to design platforms that reduce risk and improve capital flow. We seek to crowd-in investment through blended finance approaches that lead to fisheries transformation.

Supply Chain & Market

We assess supply chains and their component businesses to design structures, standards and best practices to capture unrealized or lost value and drive equitable profits within supply chain nodes. Innovative approaches to efficiency and quality improvement help ensure these shifts drive increased value while better serving the environment and local communities.

Data Modernization

Accessible and usable data is the key to supply chain transparency, strong fisheries management and creating baselines for environmental, social and economic improvements. We bring together the right stakeholders, technology and capital to catalyze data modernization efforts across fishery stakeholders to facilitate and measure fishery transformation.

Where We Work

See below for a selection of countries in which we have current projects and upcoming initiatives.


Supply Chain, markets, capital coordination

Improving supply chains for mahi-mahi fishers, developing the market for sustainable seafood, and coordinating capital across fisheries.


Hake supply chain improvement

Improving hake supply chains to increase the value of legal hake and provide business throughout the domestic value chain.


Lobster fishery improvement, seaweed market development

Supporting fishers and coops to achieve improved environmental, economic, and social outcomes in the spiny lobster fishery.

Southeast Asia

Sustainable shrimp finance

Designing financing mechanisms to fund shrimp farm improvements to meet environmental and social standards.