Opportunity: Engage Insurance, Financial Sectors

Engage the insurance and financial sectors to develop better risk mitigation strategies and improved dialogue around how to lower risk profiles of aquaculture farms.

Risk management is overwhelmingly poorly addressed.

Ecologically sound and commercially viable aquaculture is still in its infancy, and lack of capital is impeding growth. One of the impasses to investment is risk, both real and perceived. We did not see any significant involvement from the financial sector in either creating risk mitigation products, or offering loans that provide risk mitigation incentives. That lack of participation is a clear opening to explore. It’s not the domain of farmers to design financial instruments to make their work more investable. We need other players addressing this part of the conundrum.

“Financial barriers are real. People are worried about being pioneers—they’re the ones to get the arrows stuck in their backs. They’d rather wait and see who is making money.”

—João Ferreira, PhD
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Action (and how to get in on it)

One of key opportunities to be addressed by upcoming convening. Looking for co-sponsors and innovators. Interested? Contact us! contact@futureoffish.org