Opportunity: Build Distribution Networks

Build distribution networks that help aquaculture producers access bigger markets

Seafood buyers make purchasing decisions based on consistency, quality, quantity, and price.

Most ecologically sound fish farms can deliver consistency and quality, but many, limited by land area, lease size, or tank capacity, produce volumes too low to be competitive. Because the coordinated logistics to source product from multiple distributed farms are lacking, poor market access continues to be a barrier to new aquaculture start-ups.

“Unless you’re pushing to maximize profits by densely populating your system, growing the fish is not your biggest challenge. The challenges for yellow perch are getting fingerlings when you need them and finding a market that will pay premium prices for small quantities. Those are the tough issues.”

—Diane Durance, Harvest Food and Fisheries 

The Action (and how to get in on it)

One of key opportunities to be addressed by upcoming Convening. Looking for co-sponsors and innovators. Interested? Contact us: contact@futureoffish.org