Opportunity: Pair Industry and Restoration

Pair industry and restoration in a way that taps into underutilized resources and piggy- backs on infrastructure and know-how that exists in other industries

The ongoing efforts of the various entities working with oysters should be coordinated and consolidated into a cohesive partnership

—Hudson River Foundation, et al.
Oyster Restoration Feasibility Study

Oyster restoration is expensive, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars per acre of reef.

Most restoration projects remain small because of a shortage of cash. One solution to this bottleneck is to look to other industries for existing technologies, methodologies, supply chains, and resources that could improve efficiency while reducing restoration costs. Opportunities might include creating substrate from waste materials, backfilling seafood distribution trucks with empty oyster shells, borrowing undeveloped lots for shell curing, or employing specialized equipment to facilitate time- and labor-intensive processes.

The Action (and how to get in on it)

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