Fishery Development Blueprint: Mahi

Traceability in the Peruvian Mahi Mahi Fishery

As is the case with any complex system, there is no one silver bullet solution that will solve overexploitation of fishery resources. A coordinated effort is needed across multiple domains from governance to trade.  We believe that traceability is an important approach that has been identified which, within the seafood industry, allows fishers, processors, distributors, and retailers to seamlessly share key information about a product as it winds its way from dock to plate.

Properly applied, traceability can improve inventory management, reduce operational inefficiencies and waste, improve yields, increase the pace of decision making, and fuel innovation across the entire business ecosystem. This blueprint document outlines recommendations and strategies for implementing full-chain digital traceability technology in Peruvian mahi mahi supply chains, in accordance with U.S. import requirements.

English and Spanish versions of the document are available.