Peru National Level Fishery Traceability Recommendations

The last few years have witnessed emerging national level laws and policies around the world that are shaping the market space for traceable seafood through data-driven regulations. At the same time, seafood companies are under increasing international pressure to make and meet commitments to sustainable and socially responsible practices—a lift that requires increased levels of traceability and transparency in seafood supply chains to identify weaknesses and track improvements.

The path to improved data systems and traceability will require more than just technology upgrades. In fact, piecemeal adoption of technology without a holistic plan for how to integrate and analyze newly generated data often creates more problems. Robust design, in addition to new software and hardware integration, is key to success. Attention to human elements (e.g. relationship dynamics, learning curves) is also essential. This document provides recommendations for driving traceability and data improvements in both industry and government sectors.

English and Spanish versions of the document are available.