Press Release: Future of Fish selected as Finalist for the 2012 Katerva Award


12 December 2012

Future of Fish selected as Finalist for the 2012 Katerva Award

Katerva names Future of Fish one of the 51 "new ideas that will change our world"

Future of Fish has been selected as one of five Finalists in the Food Security category for the 2012 Katerva Award, which has been described by Reuters as the Nobel Prize of Sustainability. The Award highlights the most innovative projects from around the world, seeking out groundbreaking ideas with the potential to drive radical innovation and accelerate much-needed change. The Katerva Award Winner, which will be announced in January, will be fostered through development stages by members of the Winner's Circle, a group of businesses and committed experts, with the aim of maximizing the potential for impact.

“Katerva is not just interested in 'good' ideas; the ideas we are after will create big changes in how we live on this planet,” says Katerva's founder, innovation guru Terry Waghorn. Founded in 2010, “Katerva's approach places emphasis squarely on action for a sustainable future—creating and implementing solutions to sustainability-related concerns,” he says. Katerva is the first truly open worldwide platform for change.

Future of Fish, led by Executive Director Cheryl Dahle, is a nonprofit accelerator for entrepreneurs launching market-based initiatives that drive sustainability, efficiency, and traceability in the seafood supply chain, with the ultimate goal of putting an end to overfishing of the world’s oceans.

"We're enormously grateful to be in contention for such a prestigious award," said Dahle. "We hope that recognition of our work will forward the conversation globally about using a systems lens to guide our responses to the world's most complex problems."

The 51 Katerva Award Finalists were announced this month after a deliberation process which began in July. The Katerva nominees were submitted to rigorous examination by experts in each of Katerva's ten categories. Nominated projects were carefully screened for eligibility before being rated by panels of experts for viability, scalability, and impact. The top five projects from each category were named as Finalists, and individual Category Winners, along with the Grand Prize Winner, will be announced next month.

Katerva comes from the Latin word caterva, meaning “crowd," and it's their belief that the wisdom of the crowd, organized, holds the key to the world's most pressing challenges. With this in mind, the Katerva Award is announcing a new feature this year: the People's Choice Award, for which all 50 finalists are eligible. The public is invited to vote for the People's Choice Award from 14-29 January on the Katerva website,