World Oceans Day Preview

At Future of Fish, we’re focused on the ocean every day. That’s why we’re especially excited for World Oceans Day on June 8—it’s a chance to celebrate the sea that nourishes us, and to talk about the environmental and industrial challenges that our oceans face. We’ll be using World Oceans Day (actually, World Oceans Week) as an opportunity to highlight some of our ongoing initiatives and host a few sea-worthy activities. Take a look at what we’ve got in store:

Sex-Friendly Seafood Twitter Chat

Marah Hardt, our research director and resident Sex in the Sea expert, will co-host a twitter chat about sex-friendly seafood alongside Future of Fish and Crystal Sanders of Fish Revolution. We’ll be joined by Conservation International Hawaii, Steve Vilnit, Fine & Rare, Sea to Table, plus other guest experts for a wide ranging conversation.

Find out how your eating habits can help support the sex lives of fish, which in turn supports healthy fisheries and healthy oceans. Which species breed fast and furious, making them good choices to chow down on? And which times of year should you avoid your favorite delicacy in order to let it spawn in peace?

Follow the hashtag #sexfriendlyseafood at noon PST / 3pm Eastern on Wednesday June 8. We’ll also be sharing some favorite recipes for sex-friendly seafood from our favorite chefs!

#StoriedFish vs #WhattheFish

Seafood and summertime go hand in hand. Whether you’re grilling shrimp on the barbecue, biting into a fish taco at a seaside shack, or picking up some tuna steaks for a special dinner, there are plenty of chances to feast on some salty fare. And we  hope your selection is one that comes with a tale. Such “storied fish” —seafood that comes with reliable information about its journey from water to plate—helps ensure that you get not only what you ordered, but legal, responsibly caught seafood. We know that there is still plenty of “mystery fish” out there, and it’s not hard to find an oyster po’boy of murky provenance or an entree of “white fish” with no additional info available. That’s why we’re going to support your search for story.

For World Oceans Day, we’re launching a crowd-sourced project with our partner Fish Revolution to collect evidence of Storied Fish and Mystery Fish around the country. When you come across Storied Fish or mystery fish, take a photo and send it to us, along with a note on where you found it and whether it’s #StoriedFish or #WhattheFish (aka mystery fish). We’ll add your photos to a map to help spread knowledge of where to buy traceable fish, and where mystery fish is prevalent.

Tag your posts with #StoriedFish or #WhattheFish
Tag us in your Facebook and Twitter posts: @FutureofFish @FishRevolution  
Email us directly with your photo and any storytelling of your own:

How Technology Can Save the Oceans… with a little bit of help

Historically, better technology has led to declining seafood stocks. It’s been faster boats, bigger nets, and a more, more, more mentality. But there’s a new opportunity for tech to take a role in responsible management. Especially in an ocean environment when you just can’t see what’s happening as easily as land-bound supply chains—technology matters. It gives us eyes where we don’t have them. And when designed and implemented smartly, it can lead to sweeping changes that benefit industry, society, and the planet.

At Future of Fish, we get the chance to work with technologists and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of ocean sustainability. Since everyone loves a listicle, we’re putting together a pithy list of technology that’s helping save the oceans—right in time for World Oceans Day.

Make sure to keep your Twitter dial tuned to #WorldOceansDay for news, conversations, and information from Future of Fish and our colleagues throughout the sustainable seafood and ocean conservation worlds.